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They are a little less formal, and are often worn in brown, with some brogueing. Loafers, or slip-ons, come in both men's and women's styles. It is not unusual for a man's loafer to have a tassel , although this can be seen in women's varieties too.

Loafers were originally men's shoes, and are usually thought of as such, although women do now wear them. In addition to the above, there are various less common types of footwear to accompany formalwear , such as the court shoe also called opera shoe, or patent pumps for eveningwear and the dress boot for daywear. They may also match the color of the gown , dress or suit being worn. Pumps come in a variety of colors and styles. They can have a rounded or pointed toe, and are usually made of leather.

Today, pumps have evolved beyond the classic working woman's shoe. Now, there are peep toe pumps, which have a small opening at the toes. There are also pumps with ankle straps. Not only have the styles evolved, the fabrics have as well. While almost all pumps used to be made of leather, pumps now come in a variety of materials, such as suede and wool. The slingback is similar to the pump in that it can have a rounded or pointed toe and usually has a heel, but it doesn't wrap all the way around the heel like pumps usually do.

Instead, it has a narrow strap that is pulled up over the heel, leaving the rest of the heel exposed. Loafers are usually flat and typically thought of as both more masculine and comfortable than anything with a heel. The typical loafer has a round toe, and comes in darker colors, such as black or brown. A spin on the loafer is the cloak, which, like the loafer, is a slip-on shoe, but it has a heel and is considered a more "feminine" design.

Mules are shoes that slide onto the foot, and do not cover the heel or the back of the foot at all. These aren't considered dress shoes unless they have a heel. The ballet flat hadn't been a popular fashion trend until some time after the first few years of the 21st century. Taken from the art of ballet, as their name implies, they are flat shoes with a rounded toe, and come in many different colors and patterns. The classic ballet flat has a small bow on the toe, but this style has evolved to include varieties without bows.

While sandals are usually more casual, there are some sandals that can be worn with dress clothes. For example, any sandal that has a heel, many straps, or a shiny finish would probably be acceptable in a more formal atmosphere. A minor controversy erupted in when some members of Northwestern University 's national champion women's lacrosse team visited the White House wearing flip-flops.

Following the criticism, their footwear was eventually auctioned off on eBay to raise money for a young cancer patient, Jaclyn Murphy of Hopewell Junction, New York , who was befriended by the team. Bush and Barack Obama, while wearing the sandals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I want to get dressed in about two seconds without having to think about it too hard. My goal is that I want to look good at home and be able to go places without having to change clothes first.

I want to be a pretty mom. This summer I started to wear more dresses. When I came back, I got a JCrew catalog in the mail, and it was a shame. You can be comfortable without looking like you are wearing pajamas. My first strategy for this look is washable knits: Clothes that can be thrown in the laundry at the end of the day. I would rather use the money to buy good shoes.

When something spills on me I rinse it out in the sink right away. Then I hang the garment on a towel bar to let it air dry before I toss it in the dirty clothes hamper to wash as usual. I turn denim inside out to keep it dark and air dry it on the line. Dark denim looks dressier and hides spots, so I wear jeans a few times before they need to be cleaned.

I use a soap-based cleaner instead of bleach to clean the bathroom. I value natural fibers. Most of my winter sweaters are cashmere. Is that impractical for a stay-at-home mom? Baby spit-up washes out of cashmere the same as it washes out of acrylic. Acrylic sweaters last for a season before they start to pill up and lose their shape.

Cashmere sweaters cost twice as much, but they last for years. I wash wool and cashmere sweaters in the washing machine on the wool cycle turn them inside out and let them air dry.

It takes two extra seconds to put on a necklace. I have nice jewelry, but I mostly wear the fake pearls that little hands can grab, pull, and stick in their mouths. Big sunglasses are a must. If your style is less conservative and more artistic, Megan at SortaCrunchy is making her wardrobe better reflect her artistic nature with more colors and vintage pieces.

I write about practical tips that will help you simplify at home. Connect with me on Pinterest and Twitter. You and Rachel have me thinking about this sweater thing. I know I will wear it for years, so maybe I will bite the bullet and get one this winter! That was such an interesting article! Thank you for the great inspiration. I am really interested in what you were wearing when you were pregnant. I mean did you go for something cheap considering you would wear it for so little?

Do you prefer waxing or shaving or some other kind of getting rid of unwanted hair? When I was pregnant I definitely considered cost, but mostly I just had a few clothes.

By the time the baby came, I was definitely tired of my clothes, but during those last 4 to 5 months of maternity I got by with a couple of pants, a skirt, and about 6 tops. I have been going thru a revamp as of late.

I work so early in the morning in a radio studio where nobody sees me that it was really easy for me to slip into sweats and a t-shirt.

Last month I went thru and purged my closet of most of those frumpy things and put my casual dressy clothing front and center. So I have added a few really nice classic pieces! I bunch up some of the fabric in one hand and squeeze it for close to one minute. Release it and look at the result — lots of wrinkles is a big warning.

I prefer cotton, but I hate to iron, so we have a firm rule to remove things immediately from the dryer and spread out or hang clothes that require it.

For cotton knit skirts, tops, and dresses, or for woven cottons like denim or canvas, I fold them very neatly and smooth out wrinkles with my hands. I always do the scrunch test in shops — not just to spot fabric that will pack well, but also to check the quality. I am a nurse and used to wear scrubs everyday. Now I work in an office environment and very much enjoy getting dressed in nice clothes for work.

It extends into my days off, too because I am more comfortable with wearing nicer outfits. I actually enjoy putting together new outfits each day and accessorizing with scarves and necklaces. One thing I recently did was organize my jewelry into an over the door hanger like this one, a simple cork board on the wall to display my necklaces, and added a few hooks behind the door for my scarves.

Her hair was pulled back into a low chignon and she was wearing a simple white button-up, collared blouse. It occurred to me how timeless she looked — the photo could have been taken at any time in the second half of the century. That was the moment when my personal style came into focus, and it is much like yours, Rachel. I favor solid colors, especially in nice knit tops, and classic lines. I like to add a piece like a jacket or scarf when I want extra polish, and in the summer when it is too hot, I wear more dresses.

For dressier occasions, I lean toward a vintage forties-ish look or Chanel-style suits. I wrote a post about the same subject some days ago see the link at the bottom of this post. Now that my kids are getting older no throwing up anymore, no dirty shoes ruining your skirt: I always try to wear a matching necklace and when leaving the house I add a bracelet after all I make most of my jewelry myself.

I panic when thinking about my wardrobe. I always over-think and analyze everything and go shopping before special occassions. This has not been good on my budget and I often go from looking very put together to very messy.

Thanks so much for the encouragement! I will look at it as an investment and not vanity — even though it is so pretty. To Co-Op or not to Co-Op. Oh, that is a good question! I would like to say classic, with a touch of whimsy. I know I buy too much and I love your theory of buying a smaller number of more expensive, but wearable and timeless pieces.

Time to go through my closet…again! Love your style Rachel, wish I could replicate it, but I get all goofy when I go shopping and start buying random things. Dying to see how the renovations are going, give us a peek soon, okay? Rachel, your posts on outfits and clothes are so timely for me right now. I love your style guides!

I have found the book The One Hundred to be helpful in guiding me to classic pieces and giving me ideas of how to use one article of clothing for different looks. Looking forward to your shopping guide!

My husband always mentions that he likes when I wear t-shirts, but I hate wearing them; I feel frumpy. Jeans with a tank top to layer and a comfortable blouse, combined with jewelry or a scarf. I used to spend a lot of time combining outfits, but now I just make sure that the colors complement each other and go.

You know, I was always a classic dresser until I started reading blog. Suddenly, my style became a little more bold. After I finish the current decluttering project I am on, I will focus on my wardrobe and bring it back to the classic, comfortable, and quality collection of pieces it once was. I am struck by your out-of-hand dismissal of t-shirts. My wardrobe staples are t-shirts which I have in white, black and every shade of gray I can lay my hands on.

They are fine on their own in hot weather, they go under button downs, sweaters and tunics and when they get a little stretched make great PJs. And in the end they cut up into rags. T-shirts are a classic staple in my wardrobe too. I like the idea of the dressy knit tops, also. Simple v-necks in any color look cute under jackets or cardigans and can be matched with scarves and long necklaces.

I could have written this article in terms of where my style has gone and finally landed! Knit tops, a few classic capris and fewer pants , skirts, and a few dresses seem to fill my closet these days.

And because we live where it is very cold, some classic sweaters. The same clothes I wear at home are often the same clothes I wear when going out, including to church, with the exception of a special occasion dress. An apron helps me feel feminine and protects the clothes when doing messy work such as cooking or gardening.

This helps remove residual soap that can accumulate and make darks look dingy. I have been thinking about my wardrobe again lately as I am pregnant and am now needing to dig out my maternity clothes. The funny thing is that my maternity clothes are much dressier than my regular clothes because when I was pregnant with my second daughter I was working in an office atmosphere. I needed clothes that were dressy enough to wear to work, but comfortable enough for an already uncomfortable pregnant lady.

After my maternity leave I chose to stay home instead of going back to work and I unfortunately adopted the jeans and tee wardrobe. I would say my personal style is a bit mix matched right now. My goal is to have a wardrobe of clothes that fit well and make me feel beautiful and feminine.

When I saw what this article was I was so excited to read your ideas about dressing. You have a way of being direct and clear but also write in a way that is enjoyable to read! I am very much looking forward to your shopping guide as I am looking to rebuild my wardrobe and find shopping so confusing and exhausting sometimes! Does it say dry clean only or do you find some that is machine washable? My cashmere sweaters all say to hand wash or dry clean. If you hand wash wool, use lukewarm water and minimal agitation.

I love the idea of cashmere, and it always feels soft in my hands, but after just a few minutes of wearing anything made of wool, I am unbearably itchy. I guess I just have sensitive skin. So no cashmere for me. Do you know of any stores that sell higher quality acrylic sweaters?

Silk is also a good fibre to mix with cotton because keeps you warmer than cotton alone. Also have the same problem. I tend to wear a camisole or in winter a jersey long sleeve top under knits.

I much prefer cardies at the moment, so practical for much of the year in england when the weather is unpredictable. I have 3 long ones and 3 short and they go with almost everything I own. I always enjoy your posts on clothing. I wish my wardrobe were a little more dressy.

I think I need to put more effort into finding knits that will wash well. Day 10 — Simple Safety Tips. I think collared shirts add a sense of class that other shirts can not. When I go someplace special with Dave, I wear the good pearls which were his Christmas gift to me years ago. Vitage with accessories that pop. It also saves wear and tear on the outside of the clothing. The churning motion of the washing machine is more easily duplicated in the tub; the sink prevents clothes from getting very clean.

I like the idea of comfortable dressy but my day consists of on the floor, in the dirt, at the sandy park, on walks in the rain, laying in leaves right now: I second the cashmere though in the winter! I think we are less messier in the winter too. One buying tip I use — no lint collectors.

There are some nice black or darker items at attract lint — I will never buy! Just staying away from baggy things and wearing something on my neck helps me feel more put together. It takes seconds to put on a necklace but it looks like you have spent time on yourself and thought about your outfit rather than just thrown clothes on.

I love your style and advice! I need to work on building my causal dress wardrobe, and this was great inspiration! My style is pretty much jeans and t-shirts. Except that I swap the jeans for yoga pants at home. Last time I went shopping I bought two polos instead of two tshirts! Solids, classic styling and cut. But when I do, I just select from my prior 9 to 5 wardrobe. I have enough of the classics to last forever. Thank you for this timely post.

I am a stay-at-home mom to 23m old twin sons so my wardrobe has been tracksuits and t-shirts. I vowed this fall to start wearing my casual yet comfy clothes. If I leave the house, then no changing when I get home.

I still need to weed through all of my business and pre-pregnancy clothes to find the stuff that really fits and makes me feel good. Very helpful post as I start to think about considering pondering the contents of my closet.

Figuring out what colors look best on you is a great place to start. People who look good in pink typically also look good in blue. I have a lot of pink too, and I notice that people are extra nice and polite to me when I wear it. My clothing style and my decorating style are similar: This dawned on my last year. If you look at my living room and my closet, they are very similar in both colors and patterns or lack thereof.

I have to make sure I wear clothes fit for the outside world as well. Pretty simple concept but it seems to have such an impact! I feel so much better when I get dressed and wear simple jewelry — a necklace does wonders! The quality is generally not there. Because I have a small wardrobe whatever I have gets worn often. I stick with things that I can mix and match. Thank you for this.

I need to try this ASAP. Can you come to my house and help me?!??!! Thanks so much for this! This is so timely. Love your blog and have been following for quite some time but never commented before.

You inspire me, nonetheless. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. I am doing a major purge of clothes.

I tried consigning some items but it was not worth the effort. This last batch was too nice to take to the Goodwill, so I put them on Freecycle. Someone picked them up that day and she even emailed me to tell me that the clothes worked for her.

And, by the way, I love cashmere. I definitely prefer classic clothing to trendy. I also have always believed in buying quality items over cheaper ones. I would rather have a closet with a smaller amount of high-quality clothing.

When I was a teenager I bought a beautiful wool and angora black cardigan sweater that was hand washable—I hate dry cleaning! That sweater was very expensive, but think of all the years of use I have received out of that one classic piece. Thanks for clothing inspiration! I tend to stay home a lot, cook and clean a lot, and often get stains on my clothes. If I changed and rinsed out a shirt every time I got a stain on it, I would probably end up changing more than I do if I just put on new clothes for going out.

I actually like the idea of housedresses too not mumu styles, though — cute dresses that are made in durable fabrics — I think that this would be my solution instead of having clothes that I wear at home and to go out. I have been enjoying all your posts on style and living with a smaller wardrobe. Not quite back into all my pre-pregnancy clothes. After that I plan on taking a good hard look at my wardbrobe and making better choices here on out.

As of last week I am officially out of my maternity pants Praise the Lord! Though I had to talk myself into the dress pants originally, I have found in the last 2 days that wearing nicer clothes has put my brain in a better place and I enjoy it!

Thanks for the tips to make this a wardrobe way of life and not just this size of clothes. This is a great article and all of the tips are very good. That said, I am perfectly happy with wearing PJs all the time. But I am cheap, and I prefer clothing that I can wear in the office and also on the weekends. One wardrobe for the most part. During the workweek I might wear my tops with nice slacks, and on the weekends I might wear them with shorts.

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