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OCTOBER Join MANO-RAMO for its fall Toronto Media Arts Roundtable. This is a great oppor­tu­nity for those work­ing in the Media and Visual Arts s.

These apps and website below are generally popular in every Asian country. I did not take my tiny child in to movie theaters either. Makes u think many walked out feelin cheated.

October 13, 2pmpm October 20, 2pmpm Price: single workshop $40USD attend both sessions for $75USD Register in advance or on the day of the class .
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At the Etihad Diamond First Class Lounge at Abu Dhabi Airport, you’ll discover true comfort and all the space you need to work, play or relax.
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The Yoga Barn Monthly Workshop Series October 2018


Diverse weekend getaway ideas from Jakarta! Check them one by one for a great overview on how to get there, what to expect and many more:).

Even if we ask therapist not to remove Top, still they will do massage topless because of SOP. And some girls do full nude. It depends on how you take it up. The rate for room ranges between k - k including Traditional massage for 90 minutes.

For FJ normally k would be standard and acceptable by almost all therapist unless and until you ask them in advance and fix a different rate Lower or higher. And it depends on how you take up with the girl. Which is better emporivm or orchards in terms of price and service and looks? Emporium is better but it is more expensive as it is part of Alexis.

Heard alotnof bad commend on emporivm Which karaok serve the best experience? Malio Emporium or king cross? When do they open during weekends? Any preferred English speaking therapist for friendly experience?

Anyone tried Gunung Sahari branch recently? Any gal to recommend? Just got at pangeran branch First time n none care Just sit down at theatre with a can of beer Any recom for number of tgerapist, please?

I stay at OrchardZ Bandara for 1 night, Any good recommended girls for me? I like young, slim and tall girls. Anyone know if you can have a girl for a whole night in your room if you stay at the hotel also and what would the price be?

Orchardz Hotel Bandara near airport 2. Orchardz Industri in Mangga Dua 3. Orchardz Pangeran Jayakarta in Glodok. Overall it was a very positiv and amazing experience. Well, I have taken the super VP room, for k which I was told has a sauna.

Thought it's not a big price difference to the other rooms, so why not. I had no idea what was about to come. I walked straight to the theater where I've been handed over a wristlet with a number and waited to be picked up. It was clean, had a nice double bed with top and side mirrows, shower and a sauna, which I actually haven't used.

She wasn't upset, I gave her a hug, said I wanted a slim girl and then she left. Wondering what the next girl would be like I started to fear the worst. But hey, a very attractive, super cute and very young looking, slim girl entered and gave me a shy innocent smile. It hit me straight away. I believe her name was Dasa. She didn't speak any English. It turned out to be like an gf experience!

She started to touch me gently, massaged me, and when she was laying on my back moaning into my ear, I rolled her over and we started some french kissing. I was very gentle with her, touched and kissed her whole petit body. I've got her more and more arroused and she guided my penis towards her wet little pussy.

She would have let me fuck her without a condom and I was close in letting it happen, but decided to play save instead and she rolled over a condom.

After a very slow and intense start we got hornier and hornier and I turned her over let her ride my dick while we were french kissing. I came while grabbing her hips, and lost myself in her beautiful smiling brown eyes. She cleaned me, jumped into the shower and we continued cuddling until she fell almost into sleep. I recovered and could have gone for a second round but she wasn't to keen on that. Perhaps she was playing on time. I started to think she lured me in for an extended time for the room.

Communication was an issue so I spoke into google translate to asked her about the payments. At the end she wanted k but I was so over the moon that I tipped her another k. Fearing the worst at the reception I paid only my k. This was deep emotional stuff! It totally got me and I would take her the next day again, but I am flying out tomorrow: Thinking of going back to Jakarta any time soon because of that amazing experience.

Perhaps I was just lucky. I am 52y, caucasian, normal built and average looking. I believe she never had a white and nice guy before. To me it was an absolute amazing experience! Went to the orchardz at jayakarta and really enjoyed myself The grand boutique spa is located behind the hotel and you go down some steps after the entrance. You get a number and head to the theatre to book a therapist Bed was large and clean and surrounded by large mirrors that gave you a great view of the action.

I asked for slim and pretty lady The lady I got was good looking with a great ass and tits. Licks and kisses around my nipples before a great bbbj session followed by covered sex. Sex was k and paid directly to the girl at the end. The room is paid at the front desk k. So k for 2 hrs with a relaxing massage and sex Anyone have recommendations for ladies to try or whether the girls are better at jayakarta or industri. Massage in VIP room for k is in bikini or nude?

Is it body to body massage or only back massage? Is there a traditional massage available without these extra services. Hi there, are the girls in this spa checked periodically for HIV?

Yes they are normally tested. Still, use a condom as there is not only HIV but also herpes or chlamydia that you can get and which are much more common than HIV.

You can ask the "butterfly" package on entrance for that and it costs rp. Apart from the body massage, you can ask for the ice smoothie, whose real meaning I will let you discover by yourself Concerning the hotel, it is a good option for those who want to enjoy North Jakarta nightlife mainly, with nice, new rooms for around Rp.

You can book a night with Agoda using one of these links: Orchardz Hotel Jayakarta Jl. Gajahmada, Pontianak Phone number: Orchardz Massage Spa Airport. Anonymous October 23, at 8: Anonymous January 14, at 8: Anonymous February 14, at Anonymous April 4, at Anonymous June 10, at 2: Anonymous June 23, at 7: Anonymous June 26, at 4: Anonymous July 13, at 8: Anonymous September 3, at Anonymous October 8, at 2: Ghost May 18, at 9: Anonymous May 24, at Anonymous June 7, at Anonymous June 16, at 3: Anonymous June 18, at 9: Anonymous July 17, at 3: Anonymous August 24, at 9: Anonymous October 16, at 9: Anonymous November 30, at 8: Anonymous December 4, at 5: Anonymous December 10, at Anonymous December 23, at Anonymous January 3, at Anonymous January 4, at Anonymous January 4, at 9: Anonymous January 6, at 6: Anonymous January 8, at 1: Anonymous January 10, at 9: Anonymous January 22, at Anonymous January 27, at Anonymous February 6, at 1: Anonymous February 8, at 9: Anonymous February 22, at 7: Anonymous February 26, at 2: Anonymous March 4, at Anonymous March 29, at 8: Anonymous April 6, at Anonymous April 7, at Anonymous May 27, at 8: Anonymous June 18, at 8: Anonymous July 19, at 3: Anonymous July 26, at 3: Anonymous July 30, at Anonymous August 13, at 4: Anonymous September 9, at 9: Anonymous September 12, at 6: Anonymous October 9, at Anonymous December 26, at 4: Anonymous December 28, at Anonymous January 16, at Anonymous May 5, at Anonymous January 30, at 3: Anonymous March 19, at 2: Anonymous April 27, at 6: Anonymous April 28, at Anonymous May 12, at 9: Anonymous May 12, at 4: Anonymous May 31, at 7: Anonymous May 22, at 5: Anonymous May 25, at Anonymous May 25, at 9: Anonymous May 26, at 1: Anonymous July 10, at 4: Dayus July 10, at Anonymous July 13, at 5: Anonymous July 13, at Anonymous July 17, at Anonymous July 18, at Tonio July 19, at Anonymous July 19, at 4: We also offer bi-weekly Monday Movie Nights where we feature some great documentaries on a broad variety of topics - a perfect opportunity to connect with community at our vegetarian dinner buffet and then enjoy some pop-corn and watch a great documentary.

Last but not least, some of our more special classes from our weekly schedule are also featured here with additional information - check them out! Approaching our yoga practice with a childlike sense of exploration and wonder, helps us face our fears from of a place of discovery.

Release the grip that causes us to remain stagnant in our practice and life. There may be Chanting, Pranayama and Workshop of Poses. Be preprared to turn upside down and all around with back bends, headstands, handstands and creative variations in a mindful and approachable Vinyasa that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired.

Can you hear the music? Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of asana practice.

Suitable for almost all levels of students, Yin Yoga is a perfect compliment to the dynamic and muscular yang styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat, and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles.

Yin Yoga generally targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. After you have experienced it, even just once, you will realize that you have been doing only half of the asana practice.

Yoga Nidra is an ancient but little-known yogic practice that's becoming increasingly popular as both a form of meditation and a mind-body therapy. It is a systematic form of guided relaxation, yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the "going-to-sleep" stage.

The yogic goal of both paths, deep relaxation yoga nidra and meditation are the same, a state called samadhi. In these transformational times come to gather in community, sing, dance your heart open and ignite your inner flame. This delicious community gathering is an authentic space for singing and dancing our prayers, opening our heart in love and gratitude, and celebrating the immense beauty of life in this earth.

Meditation is a journey from sound to silence, from movement to stillness. It is the food for our soul. Meditation is a powerful way to recharge our batteries and to calm our mind down.

Buddha was asked what he has gained from meditation. However, he said "Let me tell you what I lost: Anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death. There will be also an emphasis on some of the more Eastern practices, theory and philosophy. Three years in the making, CRUDE tells the epic story of one of the largest and most controversial legal cases on the planet: CRUDE takes you inside a riveting, high stakes drama steeped in global politics, the environmental movement, celebrity activism, human rights advocacy, multinational corporate power, and rapidly-disappearing indigenous cultures.

The breath, aided by chakra-attuned music provides a route to the discovery of your inner landscape, healing, and trauma release. Some people enter a state of deep and profound meditation. Each time you show up for it, breathwork takes you wherever you need to go. A process that ultimately moves you away from the agendas of your ego and towards the sacred purpose of your soul. He is also certified to teach Pranayama through Kaivalyadhama yoga institute in India by the living master Sri O.

Levi has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and can be found teaching regular class at the Yoga Barn. If the title of this workshop scares you a bit or a lot , this makes perfect sense! We are born as pure love, able to connect with others without fear.

But throughout our lives, wounds from betrayal, neglect and rejection cause us to subconsciously withdraw from authentic closeness and form insecurities and habits that cut us off from deeper connection. You will be guided through fun, playful non-sexual connection activities. Although this is a light-hearted discovery, most participants experience profound breakthroughs. This is a transformational experience for partners that want to rekindle their connection and passion. Solo adventurers find powerful heart openings and leave remembering what it is like to feel freedom in closeness to partners, friends, colleagues and family.

Learn how to sequence a strong yet very safe class. Pick a theme, a peak pose, or a specific section of the body, and know how to challenge every yogi in the room, while at the same time minimizing the risk of injury to everyone.

There will be two practices, complete sequencing breakdowns and ample time for questions and answers. This is a great workshop for all yogis, both teachers and students looking to develop a home practice. For those who have completed the course and would like to repeat, the cost will be Rp 2. Experience a life-changing course of profound, powerful and transformative healing processes that boosts your growth on all levels and induces a shift in consciousness with respect to prosperity and abundance in all aspects of your life.

Punnu Singh Wasu was born and raised in Hyderabad, India into a family that has a true love for spirituality and Kirtan. He is a student of life and has passion and love to help and guide people on their paths.

Our breath and proper breath techniques are the key to health, vitality, calmness of mind and emotional equanimity in life. This workshop covers the basic philosophies, effects, contraindications and proper techniques of a variety of beginner to intermediate classical Hatha Yoga Pranayamas. Come breathe your way to bliss! Greg has been teaching and practicing for 12 years with many great masters worldwide.

Drawing on a deep well of knowledge and experience from many traditions; as well as his own developed intuition, Greg lightheartedly adapts each class, technique and moment for the needs of the students. His deepest wish is that each one of us realise our own innate beauty, and experience contentment; not as a future concept, but as the full acceptance and present moment embodiment of our own unique spirit.

Cacao has been used as a sacred medicine for thousands of years. Known as the food of the gods, it provides a heart opening experience that will get you deeply in touch with your body and enliven your senses. We will drink a very special cacao sourced locally in Bali and mixed mindfully with a witchy blend of herbs and spices.

The chocolate drink will be divine nectar for you to savor and enjoy. With the ceremonial space invoked and the cacao spirit with us: Levi will guide you in an ecstatic dance journey through the 5 elements. You will shape-shift your body, moving in new ways, seeing new parts of yourself and remembering forgotten parts. During the dance there will only be body language and no spoken words - only the guidance of the facilitator and your free form movements and primal expression.

You will go deep into the dance and lose the distractions of your mind, playfully releasing any stuck energy and embracing your natural essence. We are made of the elements so through the dance we embody the elements! Once we have moved through the entire journey, we will come back together in circle to close the ceremonial container. We will share in community and togetherness, leaving you with a sense of beauty and fulfillment in your heart.

Though cacao is not an aggressive plant medicine and our blend is quite delicious, it is still not required for you to drink the chocolate at all. You can come just to dance and experience the ceremony! Please come with an open mind and prepare to open your heart! These integrated movement workshops use Yoga, Dance, and Pilates to explore body foundations, energetic and physical roots. With a strong base to build upon, open feet to connect us to the Earth, and tools to ground us to our center, we achieve better balance.

Apply ancient and modern day teachings, such as mulandhara chakra, bandhas, pelvic floor power and grounding techniques. Come and connect yourself to the wisdom of ancestral roots through masterful movement and breath practices. Join one or multiple classes. Open to all levels. Ultimately our mind and thoughts rule and bog us down. We try every method available to get rid of this pressure because it is eating up inside.

Kundalini Yoga enables you to break through those subconscious blocks, so you can enjoy life…. This is the path to personal freedom and awareness, and will bring more success to every area of your life. We will explore basic principles of Kundalini Yoga philosophy, energetic anatomy, purification techniques and meditation; then experience a full practice to liberate and balance our internal energies. Take some time out yourself.

This relaxed pace, full day of yoga and wellness is designed to revitalize the body, balance and ground our internal energies and brings us into a state of bliss. We will then regroup to share our experiences in Yoga and Life — to feel the connection to Community, gently moving into an afternoon of deep relaxation practices.

All this combines to create a truly holistic experience and deep senses of inner peace and connection. The film reveals evidence of the health risks from our ubiquitous use of digital devices and the prevalence of wireless radiation. Children and teens are especially susceptible and yet they have some of the highest daily exposure.

Come learn what you can do to protect your health from this growing source of pollution. The food of the gods. A historically-revered plant food, now much overlooked and misunderstood. Or, in more familiar terms, chocolate. Every cacao ceremony is a collaboration between the co-participants, facilitated and woven together by Levi. Each one unfolds differently, although you can expect some or all of the following: The more sophisticated technology gets in presenting humanity with a smorgasbord of ways to connect, the more dis-connected we appear to be.

Co-led with one of my teachers and greatest inspirations in the dialogue about the Sacred Masculine, throughout the day we will have breakout sessions, each one followed by a re-unification in an integrated sharing circle. While aspects of this journey may be confronting, we will emerge from it with renewed clarity, healthy boundaries and a joyous way of being — interdependently so!

Dress comfortably, bring your journal and pen and remember your talisman for the altar.

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Welcome to JKTGO. The island guide for the paradise of Jakarta. Before you move forward, do let us get to know you better by filling in some details below. Ps. Jeffrey & Angela Rachmat Senior Pastor. Jeffrey Rachmat is the founding and senior pastor of Jakarta Praise Community Church (JPCC). He is also a sought-after speaker across Indonesia and internationally on topics such as leadership, relationship, marriage and business. Orchadz Hotel, located near Mangga Dua, is home to Grand Boutique Spa, which has the reputation of being one of the rare places in Jakarta with clean/full body massages (the girl massages your body with her own body, people call it soapy massage too).

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