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Capture Printed T-Shirt 8. Social Media has been surprisingly effective for these Kiwi eCommerce businesses, especially in the fashion sector Tanya Carlson talks about what works in terms of growing online sales:.

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But for tablets, their use in the shopping process is in line with ownership growth. As tablet ownership grows, we expect to see an even bigger increase in purchasing using a mobile device over the next year. New Zealanders are using their smartphone and tablets for researching products, competitive price checking, finding store locations and shopping lists. Smartphones in particular are constant companions to shoppers on-the go either in-store or while travelling. As the Warehouse Group noted in its annual report:.

Multichannel and direct customer engagement More and more Kiwis are shopping on our online store — we now have our full range of general merchandise, apparel and over a million books available and we have launched Red Alert, our daily deal site. Our online customers can now personalise their account telling us what their interests are, and key dates in their lives so we can tailor our marketing and communications with them.

Kiwis have well and truly embraced internet shopping. There are now 1. The number of people shopping online increased by over ,, growth of six percent in the last year. At the same time, the number of purchases made by each person is buying is increasing at a rapid rate. Nearly half a million Kiwis each made 11 or more purchases on the internet last year, an increase of 58 percent in the last two years.

The complete Nielsen Online Retail Report is now available to purchase here. We can always learn more about eCommerce, especially from those who are hard at work in the trenches. Here are some of the key lessons from that series:. Rennie Resources started in , offering economics workbooks, resources and online learning to NZ schools and teachers.

More schools now have computers and bring-your-own-device policies, so we are seeing a shift towards schools and teachers using our online resource. Holistic Hair is a natural hair care company primarily focused on finding natural alternatives to help alleviate specific hair and scalp disorders.

The company sells online and through health food stores, pharmacies and hair salons. Nigel Russell , founder of Holistic Hair, explains how the company manages relationships with retail outlets while also selling products direct to consumers:. Turet Knuefermann of fashion brand TK made a similar point:. Many of the online TK shoppers are existing customers who already know and trust our product who have moved out of town or overseas, or their friends who have been recommended our brand by them.

Whatever industry you serve, eCommerce can allow you to take instant advantage of topical events. We do all our design and printing in-house so we can have new products live on the online store in a matter of hours.

Back in the early days of the business this was great for building the brand, as we could release a t-shirt about a topical event then, because the product was released so quickly, the t-shirt itself became part of the story in the media. As Turet Knuefermann of TK notes:. We want consumers to have the same trust in our online products and service as they do in our stores.

I think ensuring as much information is given at point of sale as possible is also important to reduce returns, and queries should be answered quickly and personally. Take a few small steps and see if eCommerce can work for you. For a small, monthly fee we were able to build our own store, which we can update and edit as much as we like, and the platform is so user friendly no coding or website-building experience is required. There are some limitations to the colour scheme and layout of the store with this kind of platform, but it has been a great way for us to venture into ecommerce without a large financial commitment, which is ideal for us as a small business.

Social Media has been surprisingly effective for these Kiwi eCommerce businesses, especially in the fashion sector Tanya Carlson talks about what works in terms of growing online sales:. New products are always posted on Facebook as soon as they are uploaded to the online store and we keep our VIP customers informed of new arrivals and promotions via email as well. We notice that every time we send out a VIP email both the online and in-store sales of the styles mentioned spike for the next few days.

The more you can do to make your product visible, the more people will be inclined to purchase and share their excitement with friends and family, which in turn creates more demand. One area where eCommerce strongly differentiates itself from its offline counterpart is in the availability of information. You need to avoid drowning in data but you should always track relevant metrics.

Andy Abel of Need A Part , a Wellington-based online retailer specialising in small appliance parts, talks about the importance of relevant information gathering and analysis:.

This information has led to us changing sizes and colours of buttons, slimming down the checkout process, and putting certain information in more obvious places. That information is then available on the website to anyone else who is looking for it. They are really ahead of the curve in terms of free online services to help online businesses. Every time a parcel is scanned, our website is pinged, meaning we can contact the customer. When a delivery scan is recorded, we email the customer to let them know.

It saves them waiting three days, getting angry and then calling us. The latest BNZ Online Retail Sales Index covering the 12 months till the end of February , shows continued growth in online shopping — but with Kiwis continuing to buy more and more from international stores. The BNZ report also drills down into exactly which product categories are being purchased from international sites:. No great surprise to see that Furniture is predominantly purchased from Kiwi suppliers: In retail, all our respondents with an online store said it was their fastest growing channel, but apart from the online-only operators online was still a small minority of sales.

One service provider suggested that no more than 1 in 12 of New Zealand retailers were really doing a good job of integrating online and offline stores. Retailers are experimenting online but there is still much to do. Internet services are seen as important and effective for marketing and, for a small but growing number of firms, for sales. The competitive impacts of total price transparency enabled by online shopping and competition from online and overseas retailers are evident for retailers operating in some categories.

The Sapere report included a number of interviews with NZ retailers, sharing their perspective on online retail:. One interviewee said that she foresaw a gloomy future for retailers selling goods exposed to overseas online competition who did not have a strong brand or a point of difference.

Bearing this out perhaps, we spoke to a jewellery retailer with a strong point of difference who saw no threat from the Internet. For that business the website and social media were channels for branding and advertising, and a useful addition to the print plus word of mouth model that had prevailed for a long time as the way to get work.

It was not clear in general in what circumstances online retail would add to total sales, whether it would just take share from another competitor or from the offline store, or whether it was additive to sales overall. Some interviewees said that they were just pursuing every angle that they could that might generate more business, and expanding on the things that seemed to work. One interviewee took the view that online sales were not additive at all at the sectoral level, i.

This interviewee also said that having an offline store in an area helps to boost online sales in that area: Another large chain told us that its online store had a clear, material and positive impact on total sales, that customers spent more online than in store , and that this was because the online environment could better meet customer needs, rather than just diverting business from competitors.

One retail service provider was cautiously optimistic about the overall impact of the Internet on retail. Comparison shopping is now so easy, consumers are price conscious and better informed, but they are willing to purchase online or come in store if they find what they want and they know that you have it.

The value of the item under consideration matters, according to the study, with more expensive items unsurprisingly more likely to be showroomed:. Showrooming is said to have exacerbated the decline of high-profile brands like Comet. Gadget stores, bookshops and the cosmetics industry are all losing sales to showroomers, but solutions have proved hard to find. Owner of the gluten free produce store, Georgina, says she resorted to putting up the sign after spending hours each week giving advice to people who leave empty-handed.

About 60 people a week would go into the store, ask questions and then buy the same or similar product at a supermarket chain or online. She has became frustrated as her prices often match that of the supermarkets but people still go elsewhere as they are under the impression it will be cheaper.

She says the sign has turned some people away but others are more sympathetic and pay up. Australian Retailers Association executive director Russell Zimmerman says charging customers to browse will likely turn people away.

Better instead, perhaps, to consider this American example. Time Magazine reports that leading U. A Blue Nile representative is on hand, iPad at the ready, to answer questions and help create customized rings. Why would Nordstrom want to be used so blatantly as a mere showroom for another retailer? For one thing, though the terms of the arrangement were not made public, Blue Nile most certainly is paying the department store for its prime retail space.

If that sort of partnership strategy is unlikely to work for you, here are some other possibilities. First, USA Today suggests these ten strategies:. For those who purchase from you, offer post-purchase support — lessons, personal set-up, service, telephone support. Make sure you prominently display the fact that such services are included after purchase for those who purchase from you. Become a desired destination for certain shoppers.

Become a place customers want to hang out. One Saturday night, they had a book swap. For a price, the bookseller offered food and wine and guests swapped books they loved with one another. It reminded me how wonderful it is to be surrounded by people who love books and reading and how fabulous it is to go to a vibrant, real bookstore.

Create a membership programme. Why not turn customers into members? After all, outdoor sports retailer R. Members pay a small price but get a discount on purchases, invitations to special events, extra services, and a greater feeling of attachment to your store. Engage with customers on social media. The closer customers feel to you, the more likely they are to be loyal.

Allow customers to run a tab. Everyone loves to be considered a regular. If you sell something that customers purchase regularly — books, garden supplies, hardware — create a programme where they leave a credit card on file and just add to their tab when they come in.

Make sales from your website. Some customers may not be quite ready to buy when they come to your store but want to make an online purchase later. Small businesses have to go the extra mile to stay alive. Do everything you can to remind people what they lose when they fail to support local stores: Bricks-and-mortar retailers have a chance to salvage a sale that might not otherwise happen if the customer is merely shopping online.

Engage all five senses. Take advantage of the physical presence of the customer to wow them with sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. In-store consumers have more information than ever before. Customers also want to feel valued — and known — by the retailer. The battle for the retail floor is going to happen in the cloud [via] customer data and an understanding for customer preference.

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